All About Me!


Zona Junkie is the brainchild of owner and creative entrepreneur Katerina. Katerina began her journey into entrepreneurship in her parent’s restaurants at the age of just 5 years old where she was featured on the front page of the local newspaper tossing pizza dough. Would you expect any less from a Greek family? She maintained various bartending jobs throughout college, and even maintained both jobs after becoming a dental hygienist working days and nights, and not because she needed to but because she is a “yes” person and had a hard time quitting any job! – one could say she is a bit of a workaholic. She has always liked fashion, but never in a million years thought she would be so indulged in the industry – especially being a product of 80’s hair rock and still rocks leather pants to this day. After 6 years of having her own online retail boutique concept – she realized she really loved the wholesale side after dealing with so many horrible wholesalers with poor customer service, poor quality items and vowed to make a company above and beyond for today’s retailers; and she did just that.


Additionally, she didn’t love all the glitz and glam of fashion. She would groan at the idea of getting dolled up and getting in front of a camera those years – and was most comfortable throwing on an oversized graphic tee with a trucker hat. I mean, who doesn’t?

Today, Zona Junkie has rapidly grown to an all-encompassing brand of high quality, trendy apparel with so many extras. From graphic tees to snarky trucker hats to bridal to current trends, Zona Junkie offers the best products for the driven boutique owner and custom orders for all types of business owners.

Still a leader on the wholesale front – and throughout all the hard work ethic of perfecting her companies, Katerina still tries to enjoy her life and has learned how to have a work-life balance. This is also another reason Zona Junkie is website based only because she was tired of being enslaved to so many social media platforms!

She enjoys her free time with her fiancé, her 8 year old son, as well as 2 boxers at her home in Tucson or their getaway cabin up in the mountains in Arizona.